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Get a personal, optimized

road map for your fertility journey.

Program Highlights

Customized personalized goals that align with starting your fertility journey.

Weekly lessons, road map and tools to seamlessly implement new healthy habits into practice.

Accountability, support and guidance by a fertility expert who's passion is educating women.

I help women learn how to heal their bodies in preparation for conception and motherhood.

Close your eyes for a minute- take a deep breath and see your future self. What does she look and feel like? Your goals have been created, new healthy habits formed, an optimized road map for fertility is in place ---no more information overload, no more uncertainty of what to focus on, access to an expert who knows what it’s like, someone who creates a space to hear YOU and meet your where you are right now. All the while helping you create a plan based on YOU.

Take another deep breath because all of this is possible. We will make this road map together. I have dedicated my career in helping women just like YOU through this whole process. 


What Will You Get From Healing Bellies?

Clear, concise guidelines from an expert in the field customized just for you.

No more feeling overwhelmed with how to improve your chances of conception.

Time tested techniques that support you mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially to be the best possible version of yourself.

"I am so grateful to have found Lisa at a time in my life where stress and anxiety were at an extreme high; I desperately needed to fine a way to get back to a healthy place. I was also trying to get pregnant which I knew would never happen if I didn't get my body back in balance. From my first session with Lisa, I was completely hooked. Within a few weeks, my anxiety and GI issues improved dramatically. Over the next few months we continued to work on my general health and well being as well as getting my body balanced and healthy enough to conceive. I am now not only feeling better than I have in a long time, I am also expecting my first child! Thank you Lisa - I'm lucky to have found you!"

Maya K.

" During week 29 of my pregnancy, I took a two week overseas business trip. On the first day there, I developed an aggressive rash that spread from my stomach to my back, chest, arms, hands, legs and feet. It was very painful and grew more serious by the day. By the time I returned home, I was in utter agony. I could not sleep or concentrate on work. My body was totally covered and inflamed with the rash. My midwife and dermatologist diagnosed the rash as pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP). It was the worst case either one had ever seen. Outside of oral and topical steroids, the doctors said PUPPP could not be treated. If I was in unable to stand the pain, they would discuss inducing me in a few weeks. I was mentally and emotionally broken. I refused to take the medication but the thought of enduring the pain for an entire trimester left me in utter despair. I visited Lisa shortly thereafter for my standing appointment. When she saw the rash, she told me with kindness and compassion that she could help. She used special acupuncture techniques to get the rash under control. Within two weeks, the rash was almost completely gone. I continued two treatments a week for the rest of my pregnancy and the rash stayed under control. Lisa would always facilitate emergency appointments after hours or on weekends to ensure I remained well. Lisa is an extremely skilled acupuncturist whose gentle nature put me at ease. She restored more than just my health. She gave joy back to my pregnancy. "


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