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Healing Bellies for Babies

Working to create a custom roadmap for you to aid in this journey into motherhood.

Close your eyes for a minute- take a deep breath and see your future self. What does she look and feel like? Your goals have been created, new healthy habits formed, an optimized road map for fertility is in place ---no more information overload, no more uncertainty of what to focus on, access to an expert who knows what it’s like, someone who creates a space to hear YOU and meet your where you are right now. All the while helping you create a plan based on YOU.

Take another deep breath because all of this is possible. We will make this road map together. I have dedicated my career in helping women just like YOU through this whole process. 

What will you find in this 6 week program?

Weekly Group Coaching

Accountability, support and guidance by a fertility expert who's passion is educating women.

Weekly Module Drops

Weekly lessons, road map and tools to seamlessly implement new healthy habits into practice.

Personalized Goals

These goals align with starting your personal fertility journey.

Healing Bellies for Babies brings you. . .

  • Clear, concise guidelines from an expert in the field customized just for you.
  • No more feeling overwhelmed with how to improve your chances of conception.
  • Time tested techniques that support you mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially to be the best possible version of yourself.

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What's in each module?

During this week, we will take a quiz to start finding out where your balance and unbalance lays within the four elements. With this we will set your goals for the next 90 days and begin meditation for self-care.

Time to analyze your period. While it may be something that you hate every month, your period speaks so much. We will complete a quiz about your period so that I am able to make customized recommendations on things to adjust.

Food is critical for our bodies and it has serious consequences on our bodies outcomes. Learn to eat right for your period type & improve your fertility through diet.

Sometimes our bodies need an extra boost. We'll discuss supplements and herbs to supplement your diet and improve your fertility.

I will talk about this forever. Basal Body Temperature is sooo important in understanding and balancing your fertility. We will discuss correct charting methods and what your chart tells me.

Your physical space. Your foods. Your products. Everything you touch affects your hormones. Detoxing your home of things that are affecting your hormone balance is critical in regaining balance again.

I am so grateful to have found Lisa at a time in my life where stress and anxiety were at an extreme high; I desperately needed to fine a way to get back to a healthy place.

I was also trying to get pregnant which I knew would never happen if I didn't get my body back in balance.

From my first session with Lisa, I was completely hooked. Within a few weeks, my anxiety and GI issues improved dramatically. Over the next few months we continued to work on my general health and well being as well as getting my body balanced and healthy enough to conceive. I am now not only feeling better than I have in a long time, I am also expecting my first child!

Thank you Lisa - I'm lucky to have found you!



Hi, I'm Lisa!

My story begins when I was 41, with a four year old, and had no idea that we were ready for a second child. My partner and I both worked long hours.

I had my clinic and had clients that were asking for more support besides just acupuncture and herbal medicine. So I started looking for programs to support my clients and found the integrative fertility institude based in traditional Chinese medicine.

I worked with acupuncturists, herbalists, and counselors through this program and as I did the training, I soon became a participant.


My partner and I had always known that we wanted a second child. And this process of slowing down and looking at all the areas of my own life. It made me realize that the goals that I had weren’t working for me anymore.

I learned to much about myself. I was able to accept and let go of some really unhealthy habits. Letting go of them allowed me to truly thrive and support, not only myself, but my family better.

I made the time to create new exercise goals, get more rest, and created a support system of other practitioners. I began to see the changes in myself and it was truly amazing.

Soon we became pregnant, and my younger son was born a happy and healthy little guy when I was 42. He was the missing piece of our family. My son was finally able to be the big brother he always dreamed of.

Let me join your fertility journey.

Coming October 2022!

Join me in a personal journey of self discovery, self care and understanding. After 14 years of private practice, working with women just like you I have created a preconception plan that works. Integrative Fertility Coaching is unique because it is created based on your goals.

It's so important that the road to motherhood is paved with self care, self discovery and grace.

 And it starts with you!











Frequently Asked Questions

 The 6 week program of Healing Bellies for Babies is a step by step self paced program including:

  • weekly material including recordings/videos 
  • discovery questions, discussion questions and guidelines
  • downloadable cheat sheets or recommendations
  • Private Facebook group with LIVE Q & A time with Lisa weekly.
  • A system to create attainable customized goals.
  • Support for new healthy habits, goals based on your personal constitution.

Your trial period is 3 weeks which allows you to experience Healing Bellies and to begin your journey.

It also allows you time to implement these lessons into practice. The process laid out will help you focus on specific areas of your journey.

My goal is to support each member to reach their healthiest state.  If at the end of 21 days, having tried theses methods you feel that this system is not the right fit, we will refund your purchase price.


This course is a 6 week self paced program. Course material will drop once a week on Mondays and will be recorded so you can make this program into your schedule.

Each lesson will contain several modules relevant to the topics listed in the following categories:

  • Self Assessment & goals
  • Understanding your cycle
  • Eating for Optimal Fertility
  • Supplement and herbal recommendations
  • Basal Body Temperature charting and signs of fertile windows.
  • Whole system detox



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