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Acupuncture is the oldest continuously practiced medical system in the world, dating back 3,000 years. Chinese medicine considers sickness a disharmony within the individual. It recognizes symptoms as the body's distress signal warning of a problem. If the underlying problem is not addressed, it is more than likely that a more serious illness may occur. In addition to alleviating symptoms, acupuncture determines and treats deeper underlying factors.

Acupuncture restores balance by treating the individual as whole: body, mind, spirit. It promotes the body's innate ability to heal itself by regulating and stabilizing the flow of life's energy, called Qi (pronounced chee). Qi flows through the body in channels similar to rivers on the earth. When the Qi moves smoothly and unobstructed, there is health. When the energy is blocked illness or pain can occur.

Very fine needles are inserted along these channels at areas of maximum energy, the acupuncture points on the body. Acupuncture needles are thin, stainless steel, pre-sterilized and disposable. They release the Qi if it is blocked or gather the Qi where there is a deficiency of Qi.

Our practice provides patients with pain relief for the following main areas: head and neck pain, ear, sinus and throat, locomotor, trauma and postoperative, childbirth and surgery. Acupuncture reduces the time of recovery with soft tissue injuries and increases range of motion.

Acupuncture can reduce the length and severity of stomach flu while boosting your immune system, help with fighting off common cold and seasonal allergies, asthma and sinus infections/headaches (especially great for pregnant women who are limited to over the counter medications.)

Relief from neurological issues: headaches, migraines, insomnia, neuralgia and post stroke. 

Digestive disorders: pain, gas/bloating, constipation/diarrhea, acid reflux, bowl disorders, regulation of blood sugar in type 2 diabetics.

Urogenital: urinary retention, improves prostate health, prevention of recurrent UTI’s and treating kidney stones.

Gynecological and Obstetrics: see related information above

Cardiovascular/Blood: lowers blood pressure, reduces angina pectoris, strengthens immunity by boosting white blood cell counts and supports circulation-cold hands/feet.

Mental Health: reduces everyday stress, supports healthy levels of neurotransmitters to treat depression and anxiety, smoking/drug cessation. In addition, all patients learn to practice healthy lifestyle practices such as yoga, qi (chee) gong breathing techniques and food therapy & herbal medicine is a wonderful adjunct to western medicine or stand-alone treatment. 

Pediatric disorders: see related information above

As a whole system of medicine, TCM can also provide relief in dermatological conditions and the symptoms of redness, itching and pain. Improved the following: hives, eczema, acne, psoriasis and PUPPS in pregnancy.

For those patients going through Cancer therapy acupuncture is a wonderful adjunctive therapy which has been proven to provide great relief and peace of mind: reduces nausea/vomiting and regulation of digestion, improved immunity, blood counts, reduction of pain and neuropathy.

Yes, both acupuncture and herbal medicine can boost immunity and also support you during allergy season. We often recommend for patients to start the season prior to the one they are most symptomatic.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can also shorten the duration of a cold/flu and help prevent them from reoccurring by supporting your immunity.

For example-someone who's Asthma and allergies are worse in winter would be best served by coming in fall to start treatments.

We can also help treat allergy symptoms too using herbs or acupuncture or both. Symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes, stuffy noses and sneezing can start to improve often after the first treatment. It is most effective to do a weekly session for a few weeks before the full benefit is felt.

Not typically! When the needle connects with the Qi sometimes there is a sensation of tingling, warmth or a dull ache. Upon insertion you may feel a slight pinch and/or the plastic guide tube as the needle is inserted into the skin. Once inserted, the acupuncture treatment can last anywhere from twenty to forty minutes on average where the patient lies comfortably on the treatment table and rests. 
Often patients notice changes occurring just after the needles are inserted and sometimes have sensations in the body during treatments where there are not needles. This is completely normal and when the Qi is allowed to move freely you may feel different sensations at the same time in different areas of the body or have memories or feelings that come up to the surface. The unblocking process of Qi is different for everyone because we are unique.  Sometimes people do not feel much at all and that is also normal. Some just fall asleep or just rest. Once needles are removed, there is a period of integration that can take up to twenty-four hours. It is advised to drink plenty of water and rest after acupuncture treatments to get the best results.

Your initial first visit will include in depth interview as well as your first acupuncture treatment. Typically, this first appointment will last about 90 minute. This is your opportunity to share your health history, concerns and provide information so we can to get to the root of your imbalance. This interview will include questions about your overall health, the specific reason for coming, diet, digestive functions, sleep, energy level, emotional wellbeing and a myriad of other questions.

The pulses will be felt to determine which system(s) is/are out of balance. The rate, quality and depth will be felt on both wrists and your practitioner may ask additional questions based on what they are feeling. The tongue is a map of your internal organs in TCM, and a diagnosis will also be used to provide additional diagnostic information for your practitioner. Please do not brush your tongue before coming as it will not provide the most accurate information.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing to your appointments or bring something to change into that allow your arms, legs and abdomen are accessable.  Also, make sure that you have had a small snack prior to your visit. If you have supplements or medications you want to share with your practitioner you can bring this info as well as the patient intake and consent for treatment forms (see pre visit docs) .

Subsequent visits are an hour long, and the number of visits will depend on the severity and length of time your health problem has been affecting your life. This will be discussed as part your initial evaluation and a treatment plan will be created.

Acupuncture practitioners work in cooperation with other health care providers.You should remain in the care of your current physician.

At this time, we are not taking insurance. We are happy to give you a super-bill so your insurance company can possibly reimburse you for the office visits.

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