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Acupuncture is a whole system of medicine and has been recognized by the World Health Organization for over 45 health conditions. Each person is unique and treatments will be based upon your unique constitution and symptoms at all times. Acupuncture points will change based on the day of treatment to best support each patient at that time. Treatments focus on the imbalance of the individual treating the root causes which strengthens the body overall while treating presenting symptoms. Cumulative treatments create a healthier individual who is able to stay well or have a significant decrease in symptoms. Acupuncture in Del Ray is happy to support patients holistically and treat several health concerns at one time.

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Cupping is a technique in which a cup is placed on the skin and suction is obtained by creating a vacuum with a mechanical pump or a flame. The cups either remain stationary or are moved around with the aid of a liniment or lubricant. In Chinese Medicine, this therapy is traditionally used to warm and regulate qi and blood, invigorate blood, reduce stagnation, dispel cold dampness, and to expel pathogens.

In other words, it can be used to treat respiratory illnesses, joint pain, muscle soreness and tension, headaches, digestion, anxiety, stress and fatigue by promoting circulation of blood and lymph and effectively soothing the nervous system.


Chinese herbs are also used to assist clients in achieving optimal health. When used in combination with acupuncture, they can help the healing process of the body. It is often said that the acupuncture helps to move the qi within the body while herbs help to regulate the physical body.

The Chinese Materia Medica is made up of thousands of individual herbs which are found in nature. They include many plant products including; roots, twigs, leaves, flowers, bulbs and other parts of vegetation as well as minerals and animal parts. Chinese herbal medicine is used to make custom formulas to treat the root imbalance of a person as well as the symptoms. There are many forms that can be taken including raw herbs cooked as a tea, granular powders, tea pills and capsules or tinctures. There are several lines of pediatric specific formulas on the market that are glycerin or liquid based tinctures and are easy on the palate.

As a diplomate in Oriental Medicine, Lisa is board certified in Acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, Tui Na and Food Therapy. The study of herbal medicine is rigorous with a focus on understanding the individual properties of the herbs, which part of the body they effect and how they work within a formula to aid the whole person. She has spent hundreds of clinical hours treating patients using herbs alone with great results. In conjunction with acupuncture, Chinese herbs are most effective in providing lasting results and improved health and vitality.


Traditional Chinese medicine also includes the study of food therapy. Food much like herbs, are medicine. Who, what, where, when and how are important to how your body responds in nourishing our organs, tissues, cells and systems. All foods effect the body based on their individual properties including taste, color and temperature. Each food has a personality and individuals who favor specific types of foods can speak volumes to their practitioners. Food therapy will be a part of the overall recommendations during the first treatment that patients will receive. There are specific types of food for each season of the year and certain foods that should be avoided to improve imbalances within the body.


Tui Na means “push-pull” in Mandarin. This therapy can be used to reduce pain, support healing after injury and  strengthen the immune system.  A series of massage techniques are done on the meridians of the body primarily on the back, arms and legs  of the patient depending on the diagnosis.


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