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Supporting the Community with Knowledge

As an acupuncturist, I have the opportunity to work with several different modalities: acupuncture is just the beginning. Enjoy these free nuggets of wisdom!

All The Tools You Need 

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Relaxing Ear Massage.

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Gratitude Journal


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Mind-Body-Spirit Self Assessment

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Patient Stress Help Worksheet


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Using the Elements

Ashitaba Percent

ASHITABA leaves. What???! The Latin translation means “leaves of tomorrow” and the scientific name is Angelica Keiskei Koidzme. That’s right Angelica = Heavenly.

This is the tea that my family’s acupuncturist gives to his family, all of his cardiology patients and his wife’s’ gynecology patients too!

This herb taken daily as a tea can really regulate your whole body. Here’s why- it’s an adaptogen. The amazing thing about this herb helps the body regulates itself. Because -think about all your systems running smoother. Heart, mind, and body. That’s right. A reset.

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