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10 Tips to Stay Healthy

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2021

2020 was a year full of so much uncertainty. In 2021, there are now so many things we can control. Creating healing within our bodies is a perfect place to start.

The pandemic is now shifting with so many of us vaccinated and starting to venture out into the world again. With that, I wanted to share some great tips to keep you and yours healthy as we begin to go into summer mode this year.

Creating healthy, impactful routines can really support us on so many levels and help us tremendously during this time.

One - Sleep Hygiene

Creating healthier nightly routines help to support melatonin production. Try changing the time filters on your phone, having a wind down plan that completely excludes your phone, and connecting with your breath before sleep. Make your room a comfortable temperature, set a plan, and try to go to sleep and wake up approximately at the same time every time. 

Two - Meditation or Stress Reduction

When was the last time you focused on just your breath? Do you feel like the tension of this last year has left you breathing shallower these days?

Let's try a breathing exercise for just 5 minutes

Breath in for a count of 5 and out for a count of 7. This releases our stress and helps to reset our nervous system. Breathing and meditation don’t always have to be done sitting on the floor either. Try a walking meditation through a garden or with your dog…just being mindful for 10 to 20 minutes can make a huge difference. 

Three - Eat for the Season

Try creating a rainbow plate. Go to the store, or better yet, a farmers market, and see what's in season. Choose fresh, local produce, lean proteins, and lighter fare for summer. Remember to stay hydrated too!

Four - Hydration

Keep hydration in the front of your mind always. We are most likely out moving in the heat now. Be sure to always keep water or an electrolytes drink handy for more intense activities. Make sure you take breaks and cool down as needed. (And always remember sunscreen!)

Five - Acupuncture

Are you feeling stressed or know you're not feeling your best? Check in with your acupuncturist and get a treatment or two before your symptoms turn into a bigger issue. Preventing illness when you feel out of alignment is a great way to stay healthy and boost immunity too.

Six - Exercise

Regular exercise is great for your body, especially your heart, but can help your mental health too. Endorphins are released while you are moving your body, and these chemicals relieve stress and make us happy. Dance, run, or pick out your favorite sport, and just get moving…our favorites around here are rowing, spin, cardio, and barr.

Seven - Spend time putting your hobbies on your to do list

We have spent the last year being home more, so find time to participate in things that you love or try something new now. Time spent participating in your favorite activities really does bring you joy and allows you to be creative. We have started cooking more, doing art with the kids and I have been putting together memory books too.

Eight - Create a clean environment

Dust, pet hair, and pollen can affect the length of time your equipment can work best. So be sure to set a reminder to change our your air filters. Drink filtered water, or use filters in your cars as well.

Nine - Spend time in the sunshine

spending time in the sunshine...eating well....slow down. Enjoy nature and get your toes in the sand. Explore your environment and just be…connecting with family, spending time in the sunshine, eating well, slowing down, and just being in nature is so important.

There is a new or not so new movement of people who spend time earthing...being barefoot in nature, connecting o the earth. Just being outdoors barefoot can connect you and create a sense of peace.

Ten - Reducing Overwhelm

Sometimes we find ourselves knowing too much. Being able to disengage social media and giving yourself a time out for electronic devices is helpful. We have started doing this with our boys and just looking through books, color, or talking about our favorite part of the day. We do have puppies, so we spend a ton of time playing with them too! 

It's amazing how much these simple things can support heathy immune regulation.

Tell me what your favorites are? 

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