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10 Ways to Add Coconut Oil to Your TTC Journey



Being that it is winter, and my skin is feeling so, so dry. I thought that it would be a good time to talk about oil. Specifically, coconut oil as it is my Windex (ode to a Big Fat Greek Wedding). I cannot get enough of it! It is antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and noncomedogenic too. Not to mention it smells great! I use it everywhere I possibly can and if you were to ask my kids, they would probably tell you it’s downright tropical in my house right about now.

There are actually 4 oils that I really LOVE and coconut is going to be the first one we talk about. The others are olive, avocado and ghee or clarified butter. We will be diving into these in the subsequent weeks. Not to worry!

During your journey in trying to conceive, adding in healthy oils is a must.

There are so many benefits to using coconut oil for beauty products & self-care and creating deliciously yummy smelling baked goods and cooking in general.

Here is a list of coconut oil highlights-“supports digestion, strengthens the reproductive organs and the liver’s ability to process hormones (especially important with fertility treatments) and hold onto your hats-increases semen as well as yin fluids, including cervical mucus.” (taken from Cooking for Fertility by Kathryn Simmons Flynn)

This is not a conclusive list but one that was compiled this morning while dining with my culinary twin - my 7 yr old. Enjoy!

These are my top areas to add in a little extra love to yourself & your partner too. 


it is your largest organ in the body, top defense for your immunity and feeling a little less than loved during the winter. Adding self-oil massage to your routine is a sure-fire way to boost immunity, have a grounding effect and keep you warmer! It’s a new concept to many I am sure, but really it is an old one. In Sanskrit oil and love are the same word and relates to the concept of abhyanga or self oil massage.

Abhyanga to support your immunity, regulate your temperature, sluff of old skin cells, gentle lymph drainage and very grounding as well as hydrating to your skin. The skin is your largest organ and the external reflection of your Lungs so it’s important to boost during the winter so that your body can focus on building yin for your follicles! Or semen for the gents.


Being a mucosal membrane, the vaginal area can get dry during the month. Sometimes all the time or just after your cycle. If you feel that your dryness is due to constitution and not a yeast or vaginal infection, this can really help. If you think it’s a mild yeast infection, add probiotics to your diet, cut out sugars and seek medical attention if it doesn’t resolve. Coconut oil can be helpful for the itching and discomfort but is not a cure-all if something more is going on.

Personal lubricants can be counterproductive when ttc, as many change the pH of the vaginal canal and cause disruptions to the sperm. I find that many couples are unsure about what to use. If you haven’t tried coconut oil - it’s great and very good for sensitive skin and safe for TTC. Another option is Pre-seed.


Daily mouth rinse. Place 1 to 2 tsp coconut oil in mouth and swish and spit. Improves energy, digestion, whitens teeth, removes toxins. Safe for all.


It has a light taste, is versatile with Asian, breakfast foods (so yummy with banana pancakes) or really anything, contains medium-chain fatty acids to boost metabolism and tons of omegas for fertility. Not only is it great for satisfying the oily factor, but it builds yin to support follicles, semen and ultimately uterine lining as well amino, vinegar and coconut butter.


It’s super dry here and really, even if it weren’t, I still love to use oil in my nose especially at bedtime for several reasons. First, it’s grounding and reduces wakefulness. Second, it can boost immunity because keeping mucosal membranes moist allows the hairs in our noses to react to invasions of germs, pollen and pollution much more effectively. And third, nose bleeds. Next to humidifiers, adding oil to your nose is the best defense.


Increasing intimacy is so important in relationships whether you are TTC naturally, with a surrogate or using fertility treatments. The journey is rough, often long and there are a lot of unknowns. Spending time connecting, touching and reducing stress is key.

Having a date night in with the expectation of connection maybe dare I say, not during your fertile window—is important. Talk, laugh and spend time together. Since coconut oil is solid and will melt in your hands, creating a relaxing massage or invigorating with cooler oil is possible. Create memories and if things become more intimate, coconut oil is a great lubricant too.



This is by far the best one on the list for burn out, over thinkers and those who just need a super relaxing routine at night. Turn it into a ritual and create a night of deep sleep. Most of the points located on the forehead have to do with mental activity and quieting the mind so by adding oil to those points, you are essentially asking your mind to shut off and take a siesta with the rest of the body. Soles and palms, this is where your meridians begin and end so you are regulating the whole body. Oil works just fine on these areas but you can add in lavender or a blend of relaxing oils to soothe your mind too.


Deep cleans skin, antibacterial, antiviral and moisturizes too. When I have really bad bouts of eczema, it’s always winter, cracked fingers, and more dishes. I use this often. If you are nervous about cleaning your skin with oil I get it. But if like me you suffer (a lot like feeling your skin burn all night) try it. Add in some essential oils to further fight germs like thieves’ oil or onGuard and voila clean, crack-free skin.


Pampering yourself during this time is not only important but necessary. I can tell you from experience, tiny moments of nourishment will be vital to your life when you become a mama or papa. Rub in oil to dry or wet hair and really massage your scalp. You are stimulating all of the acupressure points on your head which is great for clarity of thought, stimulating the cerebral spinal fluid and relaxing the scalp and shoulder tension. See, it’s pampering/healing really. Which is what it’s all about.


Chemicals are everywhere and when TTC, we need to cut them out. Of our diet, detergent, self-care products, and our homes. Using oil to clean and exfoliate the skin stimulates regeneration of new skin cells, hydrates and removes more dirt than you think. Japanese beauty companies have been using oil to clean faces for decades. Once the skin is clean, apply your favorite toner and hydrate with a cream or serum.


This can be done during your period up until implantation. Unlike castor oil, coconut oil is nourishing (not detoxifying), generates yin and supports the regular movement of qi. Placing a small amount of oil on your hands, use a clockwise motion to your abdomen and massage for 5 to 10 minutes, remove excess oil and know that you’ve provided yourself with a great way to activate abdominal points and support reproduction.


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