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Ashitaba Tea

Celery juice- everyone is all hyped up about it…

In Chinese medicine, we use celery leaves as a food therapy to help lower blood pressure, but it’s really a pretty mild herb overall and does have slight health benefits.

Here at Acupuncture in Del Ray, we have patients sauté the leaves in sesame oil and eat them daily. It’s also a delicious and crunchy snack with very few calories. Throw on some nut butter and it’s a great pick me up. I agree with the experts, there really aren’t huge health benefits to this plant that folks are claiming. Also, juicing it removes fiber and makes it really hard to digest if you have a weak or overworked digestive system.

But it really got me thinking-thanks to my dear friend Katie for asking this question…

So as I sat thinking about celery leaves because really that’s where all the nutrients really are located and it reminded me of another plant---ASHITABA leaves. What???! The Latin translation means “leaves of tomorrow” and the scientific name is Angelica Keiskei Koidzme. That’s right Angelica = Heavenly.

This is the tea that my family’s acupuncturist gives to his family, all of his cardiology patients and his wife’s’ gynecology patients too!

This herb taken daily as a tea can really regulate your whole body. Here’s why- it’s an adaptogen. The amazing thing about this herb helps the body regulates itself. Because -think about all your systems running smoother. Heart, mind, and body. That’s right. A reset.

This powerhouse not only is delicious to drink iced or hot but gives you energy, boosts your immune system, regulates your hormones (including blood sugar and reduces PMS) and protects your heart.

Which is why I am promoting PERCENT Ashitaba and the brand which comes from Hachi Jo island contains an amazing number of compounds that make it one of the best superfoods out there… read more about it here.


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