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The Prime: An Ayurvedic Cleanse for Healthy Gut Biome

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2022

I love The Primean Ayurvedic digestive reset developed by integrative neurologist Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, MD. The Prime supports gut health to help you feel great and achieve healthy weight. It is a slow progression with four phases that support natural elimination, detoxification from cells, fluids, and organs step by step. Each phase is simple and easy to do, and can fit into the busiest schedule. The gradual release of toxins coupled with proper nutrition mean you won't feel sick from detoxing. You may experience changes in urination output (usually an increase,) feel more or less energy, and have fewer cravings. When I do the Prime I feel stronger, have better bowel movements, feel lighter, and have a clearer mind.

Each one of us is an entire ecosystem of cells and bacteria. Our microbiomes are full of diverse species. In fact, we have more bacteria than cells in our bodies! Some of these bacteria are more beneficial than others. Preliminary research on rats suggests a link between gut ecology and anxiety. Dr. Chaudhary has observed correlation between patients' guts and there cravings. After all, what we eat doesn't only nourish us--it also nurtures the colonies of microorganisms in our digestive tract. Diverse, high fiber diets tend to nurture beneficial gut bacteria. According to Dr. Chaudhary, those beneficial gut bacteria also signal our brains to crave more diverse, high fiber foods, helping us to lose weight. The Prime strategically promotes elimination of unhealthy microorganisms and supports the growth of beneficial organisms through a very gentle herbal and dietary regimen.

 The Prime consists of four phases. 4-6 weeks are recommended for each phase--you can go at your own pace.

Phase 1

Begin with dry brush massage to initiate the lymph and stimulate detox. Start taking insoluble and soluble fiber as well as triphala to strengthen the peristalsis of the colon naturally. Add in detox tea, a combo of fennel, coriander and cumin seeds. This phase stimulates the cells to release their waste products in a comfortable way.


Phase 2

Continue with the 4 basic steps in phase 1. Add in ashwaganda, an adaptogenic herb to curb your cravings and hormones. Brahmi is used in synergistic relationship with ashwaganda to balance your brain. Begin the day with a phytonutrient veggie juice to support digestion and promotes healing with the prime broth-you guessed it-bone broth time!!! Begin to journal how you are feeling.


Phase 3

Once your cravings have subsided and your mind begins to clear, begin phase 3 and  add guggul to further detoxify the body. Spice up your diet with ginger juice to stimulate digestion and create some heat. Use the prime spices on your food. Continue all of the above phases as well. 


Phase 4

Largest meal at lunch, warming up the diet and focus on habits-early to bed, early to rise and meditation are added in as well as writing in a journal your cravings and feelings. Continue with the phase 1 -3 herbals.


 A fun way to start 

You can take Dr. Chaudhary's Gut IQ quiz on her website


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