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From Fertility to Family: A Reintroduction

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2022

Bonju (hello) it's been a while.....but I've really missed you!

So much has happened since I began my practice in Clovis, New Mexico in 2007. I moved to Alabama with my husband, had my first child at age 36, moved to Virginia and began managing Acupuncture in Del Ray in 2014, moved to Massachusetts, had my second child, continued to visit Del Ray and offer remote consultations, and finally moved back to Virginia just as the pandemic began! My two boys (now almost 5 & 10) are vibrant, healthy, and full of athletic energy. They love to help cook. My husband's latest hobbies are brewing kombucha and pour painting. My parents, aunts, and uncles are transitioning into their 70s and 80s, my Zija and Ziju (great aunt and uncle) their 90s!

Helping people with fertility sparked my interest in acupuncture. My step-mom suffered through many miscarriages, and after changing diet, taking herbs, and regular acupuncture treatments was filled with joy when she finally had my baby sister. Three years later, she had my baby brother. She also reported her intense menstrual pains were gone for the first time. Dr. Hsieh, who had also been trained as an ObGyn in China, supported my step-mom through the whole process and remained a very dear and revered figure to our family. The wall of her clinic was covered with photos of babies and thank you notes from fertility patients. I know what an emotional journey conception and parenthood can be, and I am still passionate about fertility. But what happens next?

Over the years, my fertility patients have become parents. As a military family #mompreneur juggling different ages and schedules, my scope expanded to find solutions for the whole family. I am always thinking about my kids, husband, parents, clients, clients' families, and how to replenish myself. Every day I draw on Traditional Chinese Medicine to recenter, stay healthy, heal and strengthen others.

So yes--I will continue offering fertility support. And not only that--I'm here to help all the members of the family. The busy parents. The exuberant and shy kids, the kids who have sniffles or can't fall asleep. People experiencing hormonal transitions, nagging pains, and inflammation. I am here to support patients in all walks of life. The whole family is always welcome.

Saha! (Be in good health!)




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