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How to Keep Germs Down Naturally

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2021

Spring is here. This time of year it is so important to keep ourselves strong and healthy while we are dealing with allergies. Since we are still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that we keep germs down in our environments.

So today we will be talking about ways to do that with natural essential oils and other pet and child friendly cleaners.

One of my favorite things to do is to add essential oils to my mopping water in addition to an organic floor cleaner to add an extra layer of germ fighting power. Right now, I often use a drop or two of Thieves oil to support immunity and kill germs in the air. And on the plus side, it smells like Christmas time so that's always a win in my book.

If you enjoy cloves, cinnamon, and orange, you should get a bottle of either doTERRA On Guard or Thieves oil from Young Living. This is also a fantastic product to add to a spray bottle and sanitize the air in your home, car, or workspace.

We have also started using air purifiers in our home, which can be cleaned with a static cloth, such as norwex counter cloths to remove dust and residue and simply placed back. Once the filter is back inside continue running it on a regular basis.

Always making sure you have really good soap available for hand washing is important too. If you have kiddos, you want to make sure that it's either a safe product or something that is easily rinsed off. Soap residue can dry the skin and cause cracking in  hands, which can lead to germs getting in small cuts and scrapes.

If you’re like me and suffer from allergies, a really great simple way to keep germs down is to gargle with warm salt water at the end of the day to make sure that you have a nice throat. If neti pots are your thing, you can also do a Saline nasal rinse which helps support your respiratory system and remove extra bacteria dirt and irritants to your sinuses.

Another fantastic trick, that is super easy, is taking a pot of water with a bit of vinegar in it, boiling it into steam during the day to help disinfect the air.

I also like to recommend that people take elderberry syrup, preferably made from berries, honey, and spices at home to take on a regular basis. It is fantastic to prevent illness, boost your immunity, as well as fight the common cold.

These are some fantastic tips that we use in our home and clinic all year long. Stay tuned and next time we will be talking about acupressure points to boost your immunity!

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