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Spring Cleanse Q & A

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2022

Why do a spring cleanse?

  • Allows your body to wake up and transition from winter to warmer weather
  • supporting  your digestion
  • reduce cravings !

Are spring cleanses safe?

 Yes they are! But not all are created equally.

Doing gentle, food based cleanses are safe but so are nutritionally supported cleanses. The big difference is the rate in which you clear or rid your body of toxins and whether you give yourself the correct nutrients and antioxidants to support the liver, kidneys and lymph systems to do so comfortably without excess side effects.

What are common side effects of cleanses?

We often hear about detox reaction which occurs because you are not supporting the liver with the appropriate nutrients to clear phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification processes at an increased rate. When this happens people feel sick-have low energy, muscle aches, feel hot, sweat more and just feel unwell.

If you support your body to detox slowly and correctly with the right nutrients and strengthen the digestive system at the same time-you have a gradual release of toxins that your body can process without feeling sick.

In the prime, a very slow cleanse, people experience changes in urination (usually an increase) output, feel more or less energy and fewer cravings. In fact, on this program I feel stronger, have better bowel movements and feel lighter and have a clearer mind.

Is "detoxing" a real thing? What symptoms mean the cleanse is working?

Detoxification is a real thing. What it refers to is the waste products of the cells, the interstitial space or fluids in between the cells and that of the liver and kidneys.

What are the signs I should stop doing a cleanse and talk to a healthcare practitioner?

Talk to your practitioner before you start a cleanse. They can guide you to the best type for your health situation. If you are taking medications there maybe contraindications for specific herbs or supplements.

Signs for adjusting and/or stopping a cleanse would be-having chills/fever, body aches, diarrhea, nausea or lack of appetite or excess sweating.

Remember- Cleanses are meant to be done by healthy individuals who's systems can support bacterial/viral/fungal die off without making the person feel awful in the process.

That means if you are someone who has terrible allergies in spring-wait and do a cleanse when you are feeling 100%. Again, if you are doing a cleanse and get sick-pause and reset. Wait to re-start once you are well.

I come from a Traditional Chinese medicine tradition where we support digestion and strengthen a person first and support food based detox programs.

If your cleanse feels too harsh, scale back and talk to your practitioner.

What effect should a cleanse have on blood sugar & blood pressure?

Cleanses should help with regulating your blood sugar and blood pressure. If you have concerns with maintaining blood sugar speak to your doctor first. Herbal medicine can affect your blood pressure. Herbs like ginseng can increase your blood pressure. Please seek a licensed practitioner if you have been placed on blood pressure medication or tend to have very low blood pressure.

How do I decide if a cleanse is right for me?

A licensed professional can help you decide if a cleanse or a specific type is right for you. Don't be afraid to ask questions and get your practitioner to explain in detail what is in the formulas and what to expect.

The best cleanses are in stages and help support your body through different levels of detoxification. Make sure your cleanse has proper herbal support for peristalsis-our own natural movement of the colon to remove waste products, fiber both soluble and insoluble, lymph support & liver & digestive support.

Specifically antioxidants NAC or glutathione for detoxification, vitamin c and omega fatty acids. Also, support yourself with easy to digest foods that are cooked and lots of lemon water.

Can I work out normally while doing a cleanse?

Typically you can work out the same amount but remember that your body is hard at work internally so you may need to replenish your electrolytes and calories more than you are used to. Give yourself time to warm up, cool down and stretch. Take recovery days too. A long walk or a hike can be great! Also, you may not have the same reserve as you normally do so exercise to your own comfort level. You may feel more tired after heavier or high intensity workouts.

What are the best cleanses to do while maintaining a normal routine? (Work/ working out/ family responsibilities)

 My favorite for people wanting to add in a bit of a detox is to do hot lemon water daily preferably in the am and increase cooked leafy greens with flax oil on top. Start small and see how you feel.

Next level would be doing supplements like nettle, red clover, dandelion and fiber to your diet. See how your body feels and you can adjust to a stronger program.

Are there any cleanses you recommend?

I love this tea:

Favorite product for healthy gut:

Dietary support with food:

Cleanse with food:

Full Program:

I love and have done the Prime which is really  an Ayurvedic digestive reset. It is a slow progression with 4 phases that support natural elimination, detoxification from cells, fluid and organs with a step by step detoxification system. It clears out your system and helps you feel your best while naturally supporting healthy weight and gut health.



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