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Why I Love Chinese Herbs for Fertility

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2021

There are so many reasons why Chinese herbs are one of the best ways to help adjust your fertility. 

When I look at an individual person I look at their entire system. And I look for how the interconnectedness of their body affects the other parts when something is wrong. Because each person is completely unique, I always create a custom formula based on that person's needs and what their body needs to adjust, so it can be as balanced as possible.

It’s like taking a puzzle apart and putting it back together stronger and more efficient than it was before. 

So if you ask me why I love Chinese herbs so much it's because they can make such a great impact on a person's body, mind, and spirit - quite quickly in fact.

I often prescribe herbs for two or three doses a day, much like food. As you take this substance into your body, it starts to slowly work on the cellular level to improve all functions. They are completely natural and safe for even pregnant women. I can help create the best possible physiology working on a holistic level. 

Chinese herbs have many benefits. 

They can be taken in different ways.

Herbs come in many forms, making them easy to take, much like vitamins. They can be taken raw, which means they are kept in their original form and not cooked. Some Chinese herbs can be powdered and taken with warm water, while others are cooked in a decoction (otherwise known as a herbal decoction). Others are put into a pill form or even a tincture.

Herbs work on the physiology of the body.

Oftentimes, you begin to feel improvements in other areas of your life quite quickly -  such as improved sleep, reduced stress levels, and regulation of your hormones. You begin to feel less uncomfortable and see a greater shift in your entire being.

What herbs are you already using?

There are lots of herbs that we use in daily life that we don’t even think about. Let’s look at a couple of them so that you can see how they impact your daily life. Here are a few examples:

  • Chai tea has ginger, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, black tea, milk and cardamom.

Let’s look at ginger first. 

Ginger has a warming property and it is used to help with digestion in helping to soothe nausea. It’s warming nature allows the body to efficiently digest food and help to break up the cold that you may feel if you eat too many icy drinks or cold salads.

Next up, cardamom.

Cardamom is really important for people who have indigestion with gas and bloating. Cardamom unblocks the digestion and helps to regulate and move stuck food. We call this food stagnation. It is important to get food moving so that you don't have that uncomfortable feeling of having food stop midway through the digestion process.

Other Chinese herbs you might use everyday.

Pepper is also hot in nature and helps to warm the collaterals or the meridians in the body. It improves blood flow and gives the Chai a strong taste.

Cinnamon warms the body. I often use it as the medicinal to help people who have a common cold that got stuck in the muscles (i.e. lots of body aches). Cinnamon is wonderful as a flavoring as well as an herbal remedy.

Cloves are used in Chinese medicine to help with toothaches. It helps with the pain associated with infected teeth and not only this, but it helps your digestion too.

Even though Black Tea is a food, it also has an herbal property and contains antioxidants.

Milk is warm and nourishing and has lots of protein. It’s a balance of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. In  Vedic medicine, when you warm milk and break up the proteins it makes it easier to digest and the nourishment from milk helps to strengthen your qi in small amounts.

People who have too much dampness or congestion- just take a peek at your tongue and see if you have a thick coating. If this is you, use almond milk or oat milk instead.

If you are one of the people who enjoys having a bit of sweetener in your Chai, you can add honey to taste after you've warmed the milk. Honey is a nourishing and strengthening herb that supports the immune system and also coats the intestinal tract. Sometimes, it is given in addition to sesame seeds to help with constipation. I bet you didn’t think that something might have so many traditional herbs in it. 

“You are what you eat.”

Looking at natural foods, there are lots of things that are actually herbs and have a therapeutic effect on your body. That is why the old adage, “You are what you eat," is so true. Look in your cabinets and see what yummy treats are there. Nature has supported you in your daily life and these are most often Chinese herbs.

Herbs are often used like a recipe - much like Chai tea - where we have a chief herb, which is the primary herb, and then other herbs, which help to treat symptoms. They work in unison to support the whole being and to improve the quality of life. So even if you are working to improve your cramps, for example, each person may have a slightly different formula, because each person has slightly different constitutions and symptoms. 

While herbs work on the physiology of the body, acupuncture works on the energy of the body. 

In unison, they are some of the most important parts of Chinese medicine that we have.

The other portions of Chinese medicine are the breath work, moving the qi food therapy, and body works therapy. These can oftentimes be done at home with training from a practitioner.

What I love about Chinese medicine is that it’s experiential. 

As you work with me, you become this amazing piece of solving the puzzle of your own physiology and see the changes quite quickly. 

I believe and so should you that you have the capacity to heal. When that happens you want to do more for yourself at home. So patients will often ask me what about breathing exercises or qi gong which is moving my energy in my body, so we will begin working on those things next. 

We will also look at the following:

  • Food
  • Energy of the food
  • Temperature of the food
  • Season that food should be consumed

These are all important aspects of Chinese medicine. They work together to improve your quality of life. But the thing that I see repeatedly make the biggest impact on a woman's ability to conceive are Chinese herbs.

There are four different phases within the month to make a changes or improve upon specific aspects of your cycle and herbs are the vessel in which I can do this. Each phase allows me to target specific aspects or issues. Then, I also can take those herbs to nourish your body and strengthen it for the next cycle so that you can have the best quality egg, follicle, and endometrial lining. 

Each cycle improves and that is why Chinese medicine and herbs are so amazing!

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