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The Who, What, And Why's of Acupressure

Apr 24, 2020


Acupressure is the act of pressing on acupuncture points on the skin to ellicet a sensation or activation of qi.

For thousands of years, acupressure/acupuncture has been around- we don't know if the meridians/pathways or the points were identified first but, either way, practitioners and patients alike have been using them to create balance within their bodies. Anyone can learn how to perform acupressure on themselves or family. It is free, effective and relaxing.

There are several techniques used in acupressure.


The most common are direct, downward pressure using a fingertip or round rubbing with your palm (eg clockwise tummy rubs for intestines). Regurdless of the technique, the purpose is to "activate" the point which signals the body to change the pattern of energy. We can press on the points for 30 seconds to 1 minute before releasing pressure and repeating several times until the area feels-warm, tingly or different and that is how we know...

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