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Essential Oils for Hormone Imbalance

essential oils hormone Jul 22, 2019

Essential oils are amazing at supporting our bodies naturally. They work with our bodies to maintain wellness and help tip the scales back when our bodies are out of whack. Essential oils can uplift your mood and support you through the rough emotions of the day.

There are two main ways to use essential oils in everyday life; by diffusing or applying topically. For on the go and everyday applications, I prefer using roller bottles and applying the diluted oils directly to my skin. At the end of this post, I’ll share one of my favorite roller blends to use to help through the emotions of your trying to conceive journey and to balance hormones.


Top 4 Essential Oils to Have in Your Arsenal

4 || Lavender

Stress can make your hormones go crazy. Adding in a few essential oils that lower your stress levels are key to helping your body find more balance. It also helps support getting a good night's sleep to help your body. 

3|| Geranium

Geranium works with your adrenal system in releasing hormones, such as estrogen. Using geranium in the correct fluctuation of your cycle helps you to maintain a balancing menstrual cycle as well.

2 || Thyme 

Low progesterone is linked as causes for infertility, PCOS, and the imbalance of your other hormones as well. Thyme is great for balancing progesterone in women AND men, according to this study

1 || Clary Sage

Many of the issues that surround hormone imbalance are either our thyroids deciding that they don’t want to work the way they should or the things that we put in (or on!) our bodies are hormone disruptors. Clary Sage works with your thyroid to get your hormones back on track. In a 2014 study in the Journal of Phytotherapy Research , the inhalation of clary sage EO was found to improve thyroid hormone levels while also reducing cortisol levels by 36% in some woman! It was also found to help balance the moods of the women in this study as well!

Essential oils are a fun and simple thing to add to your daily self-care routine. The biggest thing to watch out for when you add to your routine is to not let it stress you. Freaking out about not using your roller at the same time that you do every day or forgetting to turn on your nightly lavender diffuser is doing exactly the opposite of what you want them to do.  

And if an oil doesn’t work for you, don’t use it!

Written by Sabra Gilbert, Virtual Assistant to Lisa @ Acupuncture in Del Ray, LLC

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