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5 Elements Cooking Class

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity

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In This Masterclass



Cook For Your Unique Body Type

An Introduction to 5 Elements Theory


Make The Most of Seasonal Ingredients

Enjoy Healthy, Fresh Food All Year Long--Even When You're In A Hurry


Build Your Own Recipes

Recipe & Meal Planning Templates for Breakfasts, Entrees, Snacks, Desserts, and Beverages


Embrace Flavor, Health, & Convenience

Make Cooking & Eating A Joy, Even During The Busiest Times of Year

Tasty & Health Conscious Meal Planning

I'm tired of choosing between flavor and "good for me"

Whether you are trying to start a new diet, or get your toddler excited about vegetables, this course provides the flexibility and structure you need. Whole food ingredients, healthy fats, herbs and spices, and key cooking techniques will be just as pleasing to your tongue as your conscience. Simple, beginner friendly ingredient lists and meal templates allow you to  build satisfying meals around your own dietary needs and preferences. Vegetarian, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, anti-inflammatory, keto, and FODMAP are all made easier with this simple system. Eat healthy and enjoy it!

A Note From The Instructor...

I'm an acupuncturist and food therapist, a small business owner and the mother of two picky eaters. I understand the tension between wanting wholesome, slow food meals and seldom having enough time. Luckily for me, I had amazing role models: my parents and my nanna.

Nanna got her first cooking job in Malta when she was 8 years old. She was still cooking in her 80s, whizzing between counters in her electric wheelchair. She never measured. Her family meals were sumptuous yet efficient; she was also a small business owner and mother of two. From one pot hearty soups, roasts, and casseroles to simple plates, Nanna's everyday Mediterranean cooking had us asking for seconds.

Whether you prefer meal planning or spontaneity, my 5 Elements Cooking Class will teach you foundational principles to whip up delicious, healthy meals. You'll even be able to apply ideas from Traditional Chinese Medicine to customize meals for your body type. Savor the flavors of every season. Let's start cooking!


Reserve My Seat

Give This Class To Someone You Love

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