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Move Qi. Harmonize the Elements. Find Your Pivot. Embrace Possibility.

Qi is energy. When it flows freely it nourishes the body and creates harmony between body and environment. When energy stagnates it becomes a roadblock to health, happiness, and success. Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments such as acupuncture and cupping facilitate the flow of Qi. You can also learn simple techniques to move Qi in your body and home.

Five Elements Theory and Yin Yang Theory are foundational to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Clinic treatments, food therapy, herbs, and simple life hacks all help to nourish and harmonize. 

Your Pivot is your key to embracing possibility. We all have habits that used to serve us and don't anymore. You can think of them as bottlenecks, roadblocks, limiting beliefs, or obstacles to shifting into the life you want to create. Your pivot is the still center of your being where beliefs are only loose garments, things you can shed or pick up to serve you in the present moment.

Embrace Possibility What is the life you want? Are you tired of constant digestive issues, insomnia, chronic pain? Are you longing to become a parent and struggling with infertility and loss? Suffering through auto immune flare ups or extreme allergies? Or simply feeling overwhelmed, tired, anxious, and stretched thin?

For over 15 years, I've supported my patients through ALL of these challenges. Coaching and clinical medicine are a powerful combination on your healing journey. Are you ready to step into a vibrant, vital, creative life?


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