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Fighting Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Naturally

Co-written by Sabra Gilbert & Lisa Borg-Anderson

My name is Sabra, and I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

After three years of no diagnosis, I was finally given the news. To most people, the news would be devastating, but to me, it was finally an answer. An answer that I could analyze and finally start to fight against. With little information from the doctor who initially diagnosed me and my specialist's appointment almost two months out, I decided to figure out for myself what I could do to improve my fertility naturally.

So I dove into the internet to find the best tips and tricks.

The first thing that I started reading about were endocrine disruptors and how PCOS was caused by hormone imbalance. So that was the first thing that I tackled. I started throwing away the beauty products and household cleaners that I discovered I never should have trusted. I started replacing them slowly by essential oil or plant-based products instead. 

Once I had replaced those products, I started researching what else these essential oils could do. I had never used them before. That was when I discovered that essential oils could also help my hormone imbalance directly. I loved some of the blends such as Progenessence Plus and Endoflex that I started using daily to balance my hormones and have my cycle return.

As I read more and more articles about PCOS, the more I discovered that the food I was putting in my body as well wasn’t helping me in any way. I had known that when I started showing signs of PCOS, the main sign was massive weight gain. As in a woman who was active for four hours every day (chasing miniature horse foals around a pasture and walking 3 plus miles a day type of active!) had gained 60 lbs within 6 months.

So I changed my diet. Drastically.

Think cutting dairy, soy, gluten, sugar, and carbs. That basically leaves lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit. Which felt really hard as an insanely picky eater.

But within the first month, I was already down 12 lbs and felt amazing. 

I would have done more. I was already researching work out plans to add to my routine, and looking into acupuncture when I received a surprise positive pregnancy test. I had taken it on a whim, not even believing I was actually pregnant. 

Types of PCOS

There are four types of PCOS that we see in the clinic- insulin resistant, inflammatory type, hidden and pill-induced which is present after taking continuous birth control pills. The insulin-resistant type is often easier to identify by changes in physical appearance, whereas inflammatory and hidden are often diagnosed after seeing a doctor. 

The three most common symptoms that all women experience with PCOS are irregular cycles either possibly infrequent ie fewer than nine per year, possibly heavy periods or longer cycles over 35 days, they also may have cysts on their ovaries that prevent maturation and ovulation from occurring normally and increased androgens which will cause changes in facial/body hair and acne.

Insulin Resistant PCOS

The first one is seen where insulin resistant, irregular menses and changes in ovulation occur. This is often much easier to identify and treat because it is clearly seen in the physical changes in the patient's appearance. 

Inflammatory PCOS

The inflammatory type is caused by stress, environmental or dietary responses to things like gluten will increase the androgen hormones within the body and this, in turn, prevents ovulation from occurring. With changes in diet, added exercise and stress reduction hormones can be balanced and ovulation will resume. Reducing caffeine, sugar and refined carbohydrates and adding in magnesium as a supplement can greatly improve your cycle.

Hidden Type PCOS

Hidden type PCOS is simpler to resolve and is often due to thyroid issues (low iodine) or dietary in which a reduced level of zinc is present,  sometimes due to a vegetarian diet and possibly artificial sweeteners or other hormone disruptors. 

Pill-Induced PCOS

The pill induced type is seen in women who are of childbearing age who are taking the continuous type of birth control packs after stopping the medication they don’t resume ovulation. This can take up to a year for them to resume ovulation.

Joining A Community

PCOS is not a sentence of constant medical treatment and infertility treatments. It can be beaten naturally if you decide to try that route as well. It means making many life changes, but that is what bringing a child into this world is anyway!

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