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Learning to Go With the Flow

Apr 06, 2021

Today, I'm going to talk about something that we often get too busy and forget about.

We go through our mornings and about our day and frequently forget to slow down and take advantage of going with the natural flow of the season we are in. For example, right now it is April and spring is just starting to send sprouts. 

It's starting to warm up.

There's a bit of wind, a bit of rain.

Flowers are beginning to bloom.

These things are mirrored within our body because we are a tiny version of the universe around us. So in remembering that we need to think about moving regularly with our activities, for example, walking, yoga, biking or swimming, whatever other activity you enjoy. These should be incorporated into your day because as we move out of Winter and into Spring, we need to remember the season of Spring is about growth, unfolding, and movement.

Balance for Spring

In order to balance ourselves within for the Springtime, we need to do activities that allow movement in our...

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Top 5 Self Care Habits to Add to Your Routine

Feb 19, 2021

This collection of self-care activities has been a part of my regular practice for decades now.

I have recommended each of these exercises or tips to patients to begin the rebalancing of their system. They are gentle but effective ways for us to create more support in our busy lives. Many of these practices will take little time to add to your routine and I guarantee that you will be so happy you did.

Often, we don’t realize that things could be smoother in our lives.

We begin to grow accustomed to how we feel and see it as normal. Many people have tension and stress that is held within the body and adapt to it. We can support ourselves with self-care techniques that unwind the tension and relax the body so it can be calmer, more grounded, and get better rest.

Working with the elements will allow you to support your whole system-mind, body, and soul.

In doing so, you create the balance and support your reproductive system needs to jump-start the holistic approach to healing...

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Why I Love Chinese Herbs for Fertility

Jan 13, 2021

There are so many reasons why Chinese herbs are one of the best ways to help adjust your fertility. 

When I look at an individual person I look at their entire system. And I look for how the interconnectedness of their body affects the other parts when something is wrong. Because each person is completely unique, I always create a custom formula based on that person's needs and what their body needs to adjust, so it can be as balanced as possible.

It’s like taking a puzzle apart and putting it back together stronger and more efficient than it was before. 

So if you ask me why I love Chinese herbs so much it's because they can make such a great impact on a person's body, mind, and spirit - quite quickly in fact.

I often prescribe herbs for two or three doses a day, much like food. As you take this substance into your body, it starts to slowly work on the cellular level to improve all functions. They are completely natural and safe for even pregnant women. I can help...

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It’s all in the Journey, Not the Timeline

Jan 06, 2021


Hello beautiful soon to be mamas! What if I told you focusing on the vision of what will be is just as important as what you are doing right now in this moment? 

Often we as humans try to be in control of our surroundings, our body, and what we really want. When we want it isn’t always up to us….because in the end, things happen and the journey in between is where the magic happens. Not all of it is magical, as anyone who is trying to conceive will tell you. We suffer heartache at longer periods, not ovulating, and loss of a new tender life. I, like many of you, have experienced these losses and while my path has led into motherhood already, I sit and hold space with my patients who yearn for the moment they learn they are pregnant.

I get the wanting to have things just so (I am also a recovering perfectionist too) but the learning to listen to our bodies has an amazing effect - we start to become more balanced. And the more balanced...

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Caffeine While Trying to Conceive- Is It That Bad for Us?

Dec 02, 2020

Creating ritual with the sounds, smells and tastes of breakfast. I love, love breakfast and often for many of us that involves a cup of coffee or tea. Having a good routine is especially important for our ability to start the day on a positive note and start our metabolism off too.

Almost every single woman who is trying to conceive has asked me about caffeine intake  and here is my best advice- cut back to one single cup of good organic coffee if you are in the preconception journey and working to improve your chances of conception. But if during your journey you have been struggling with trying to conceive, it maybe time to cut out the coffee all together.

And here is why- Caffeine can increase stress levels and anxiety. One study shows that the risk of spontaneous abortions can increase. Caffeine can also affect implantation and increases clotting in the blood as well. Research shows that caffeine constricts blood vessels to the placenta which means that it can affect the...

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Methods of Tracking Your Fertility

Oct 21, 2020


There are quite a few ways to track your fertility as you go along the path of trying to conceive. You can write it all down by hand, pick your favorite app, or even a bracelet. Finding what works best in your life for you is key as it is so important to have a full and clear photo of your fertility to show your acupuncturist or doctor.

Writing it all down

Depending on the lifestyle that you enjoy, this might be a good option for you! Especially if you like drawing graphs or bullet journals on a regular basis.

Bullet Journal Method

Now I will admit that bullet journaling isn’t something that I am super into or enjoy, but I did go diving into some Pinterest research for you to find a method that I thought covered a lot of bases in a good design and could be added on to get the entire picture. (Check Here)

Just make sure that you have all the data that you need to keep track of. This includes basal body temperature, cervical mucus, day of your cycle, what your...

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Cervical Mucus: The What, Why, & How to Improve It

Sep 30, 2020

By Lisa Borg-Anderson

Today we are looking at Mucus. Cervical mucus to be exact. How to learn what to look for, how to track it, and ways to improve the quality at home with food therapy and self-care.

 As part of my intake with patients, I always ask: how is your cervical mucus?

Is it clear that there is a shift in color, quality, and elasticity?

Do you feel a hormonal shift and have a greater level of desire during the ovulation window?

Many know what I am asking. But often, many ask me, "what do I look for?"

Okay, ladies, starting around day 10 or 11 of your cycle, I ask for women to look for a change. There is a range of days women notice this change, anywhere from days 3 to 5 is typically seen. Like your period, there can be a smaller amount in the beginning and then it increases and has a peak day... but not to worry if you feel there isn’t a huge change because I am here to support you in improving your mucus!

Well, your cervical mucus is easiest and most...

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Stress Reduction During a Pandemic

Sep 11, 2020


The last 6 months have been anything but normal in my home as I am sure many of you are also in the same boat. Our lives have shifted drastically with the beginning of COVID-19 and dealing with all that it brings forth. Lots of staying at home, working from dining room tables, taking care of kids who are missing their own social norms, and the racial and political aspects of America are also areas of added stress.

Learning to take care of ourselves and our loved ones is important.

Albeit in my line of work as an acupuncturist, I would go so far as to say completely essential to my mental stability and I would have to say my spouse would agree.

Stress takes so many different forms, it can affect our mood, ability to think, to digestion, causes headaches, reduces our ability to sleep and so much more. It can make us more prone to become ill or not recuperate from illness and make us more susceptible to making poor food choices. If our bodies are too...

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Healthy Avocados & You

May 25, 2020


Avocados is one of the most popular foods out there right now. Boasting over 20 vitamins and minerals as well as the versatility of no other it is a powerhouse ingredient. Whether you add it to your toast in the morning, pesto sauce for noodles, or add it to your smoothies-or like me, all the above. I am a Californian at heart and could eat these amazing fruits every day and not grow tired of them.

So what's so yummy about them?

An average avocado serving of 3.5 ounces contains about 2 grams of protein and 15 grams of healthy fats as well as vitamin K, folate, vitamin C and E and B 5 & B 6. They have heart-healthy properties bosting a high-fat percentage of calories of monounsaturated oleic acid with anti-inflammatory properties and contain more potassium than a banana.

They contain high levels of copper and are important for blood formation. Avocado oil is fantastic to use for high heat cooking and stable.

Many combinations of avocado/olive...

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The Who, What, And Why's of Acupressure

Apr 24, 2020


Acupressure is the act of pressing on acupuncture points on the skin to ellicet a sensation or activation of qi.

For thousands of years, acupressure/acupuncture has been around- we don't know if the meridians/pathways or the points were identified first but, either way, practitioners and patients alike have been using them to create balance within their bodies. Anyone can learn how to perform acupressure on themselves or family. It is free, effective and relaxing.

There are several techniques used in acupressure.


The most common are direct, downward pressure using a fingertip or round rubbing with your palm (eg clockwise tummy rubs for intestines). Regurdless of the technique, the purpose is to "activate" the point which signals the body to change the pattern of energy. We can press on the points for 30 seconds to 1 minute before releasing pressure and repeating several times until the area feels-warm, tingly or different and that is how we know...

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